The Projects

Rig Ramp

In 2013 a large local farmer who also runs oilfield business in winter asked Hell ‘N’ Back to build him a custom rig ramp, for moving oil drilling rigs. The finished ramp had to be 34′ x 5′ x11′ wide, and in 2 sections that could be connected and disconnected.

We custom designed and completed the project in our welding shop, and the client came to pick it up in the middle of late night blizzard in mid-December for immediate delivery up to Rainbow Lake several hours further north of us.

Here’s the nail-biting moment when the heavy rig ramp was first loaded up onto his truck, which was the first true test of whether our system to join the ramp together would hold solid.

Finished 34′ Rig Ramp Built by Hell ‘N’ Back Welding Getting Loaded Up