The Rigs

It all began with the truck – a ’93 Dodge painted three different colours and sitting in a farmer’s yard. In Doug’s hands, Hellen became a flat black, flamed out work of welding rig art. Never afraid to stand out in a sea of white, nameless welding rigs, Hell ‘N’ Back has always flown the company colours with pride, from the pinup bomber art logos inspired by WWII war planes on the truck’s doors, to the big slogan letting everyone know “We’ll go to hell ‘n’ back to get the job done!” Unlike all the fancy new trucks, Hellen could make it down any rough rig road or ice road, and get in and out of job sites that even some Cats feared to tread, bombing through the heavy clay mud and the deep snow of the Canadian north at all hours of the day and night to get to the clients who need us.

We’ve finally retired the old girl, but our new rigs still fly her colours, with flames hand pin-striped by Doug himself and the unforgettable flat black paint job that helped us make our name. Whether you’ve got a combine broken down in your field or an oil rig that needs maintenance at 3 am, we’re ready to send our welding rigs through hell ‘n’ back to get your work done, and done right.